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We uncover, reveal, and unveil meaningful insight for the good of brands and businesses.

Our unbiased and objective thought leaves no stone unturned.

At Unturned Stone Research, we like to keep things straight forward…

We get to know your world, your customer and then use fact to measure success.

We exist to provide honest thought and clarity. Whatever the question, we will never be afraid to provide the truth to ensure your ideas land.

Our approach


Our mixed qualitative and quantitative responses help us to really get under the skin of how people think, behave, and feel.

Our primary research work unlocks feeling, expectations, attitudes, and opinions, validating thought and insight. It is this research work that allows us to create robust recommendations on brands, theories, and products.


We feel that by understanding people we can create more engaging and successful outcomes.

First of all - to do this - we look inwards. Competitor and sector analysis affords opportunity to look widely at your sector - creating a snapshot view of the landscape to understand where and what our differentiators could be.

Secondly, we look outwards and to the future. Our in-house research team can help you to understand macro trends affecting customers now and in future as well as brands who have started to innovate to meet these expectations.

Our specialisms



From concept through to customer experience, we can ensure your online and offline retail experience is future proofed, relevant and successful.


Brand Collateral

Whether you are considering your packaging or communications, we can help to ensure your business and product authentically speaks to your shopper.


Brand Proposition

Adding value, aligning stake holders and retaining customers are all key. We can help you to stay relevant and stand out from competitors in your sector.

What our
clients are

From understanding the opinions of our staff and our current customers to the motivations and behaviours our prospective customers, the research work conducted allowed us to re-brand with confidence, defining a Protyre which is fit for future ambitions.

Simon Hiorns, Protyre

Research conducted in our flagship Sports Direct stores, proved the success of our newly integrated running department and has allowed us to spot important opportunities for growth.

Fran Theane, Frasers Group

From the perspective of business development, it brought us new ideas regarding additional business and what customers are expecting. Unturned Stone bought us a new point of view to several things, especially to additional business and the integration of our new concept.

Jaromir Kuhn, Škoda

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